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The Diva Richards 1-to1 training method is one that is unique, high-effective and personal. The program is designed to not only change the way you look, but to begin to change the way you feel about yourself from the inside out. Personalized, curated programs designed just for you is our method. Diva Richards will develop a specific program that takes into consideration all factors of your life, including if you have a home based gym or if you visit your local fitness center.

The Diva Richards Method Includes:

  • Written fitness program designed to fit your specific needs delivered to you via mobile app. This program will be curated upon the completion of the Diva Richards method questionnaire.

  • Weekly check-ins with Diva Richards.

  • Detailed nutrition plan and adjustments when/where needed.

  • Food shopping list tailored to your specific dietary plan goals.

  • Unlimited e-mail access to Diva Richards.

  • Weekly motivational tools to keep you on track and mentally focused.